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At Ashley’s Kids Rides we offer all our amusements at affordable prices for customers across Victoria. Whether you’re after inflatable slides, dodgem cars, mini golf or activity centres, we’ll have the best price for you.

All our rides are fully safety checked and our reliable team has 25 years’ experience working the machines, so you can relax knowing your big event will run smoothly. From organising tickets and wrist bands, to fairy floss, basketball and inflatable rock climbing, if you want amusement rides for a fete, fair or party, call Ashley’s Kids Rides for great prices and high quality service every time.

Offering free quotes on all rides, and with onsite visits and after-hours services available, we guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

Daily hire charges for a maximum of five hours, extra hours charged at 10% of hire daily fee.  As from April 1, 2014.

*Prices subject to change without notice. All prices quoted are within 50km from Melbourne GPO and all include GST tax.

All ride price quotes are for a maximum of five hours operating. Extra hours are charged at 10% of the daily rate. Electricity to be supplied within 25m of rides that require power.

For inflatables on hard surfaces, a fee of $11.00 per anchor point is charged if the inflatable cannot be pegged down.

Call us today on 0418 380 555 for more information on our range of amusement rides or for a free quote!

Samba Balloon Ride

Capacity - 32 kids or eight adults and 16 kids with operator
Min. passenger height is 90c
Size: 11m diameter circle

Starting from $2530.00

Titanic Inflatable Slide

Capacity - 20 kids with operator
Ages: five to 15 years
Size: 16m x 11m

Starting from $1650.00

Giant Inflatable Slide

Capacity - 20 kids with operator
Ages: Four to 14 years
Size: 16m x 10m

Starting from $1400.00

Cup and Saucer Ride

Capacity: 24 people with operator
Ages: three – adults
Size: 8m diameter circle

Starting from $1150.00

Jurassic Adventure Activity Centre

Capacity - 15 kids with operator
Ages: four to 14 years
Size: 13m x 13m

Starting from $1320.00

Safari Run Activity Centre

Capacity - 20 kids with operator
Ages: three to 13 years
Size: 18m x 6m 

Starting from $1100.00

Inflatable Jumping Castle

Capacity - 12 kids with operator
Ages: two to 12 years
Size: 11m x 8m 

Starting from $605.00

Track Train

Capacity - 18 people with operator
Ages: All ages
Size: 20m diameter circle 

Starting from $990.00

Car Merry-Go-Round

Capacity - 16 kids with operator
Ages: 2 to 10
Size: 8m x 7m 

Starting from $880.00


Capacity - 20 people with operator
Ages: three to teenagers
Size: 10m diameter circle

Starting from $935.00

Mini Golf

Nine-hole course
Capacity - 20 players with operator Ages: Whole family
Size: 12m x 12m

Starting from $550.00

4-in-1 Bungee Trampolines

Capacity - four people with operators
Weight: 10 kilo to 95 kilos
Size: 13m Diameter circle 

Starting from $2200.00

Inflatable Climbing Wall

Capacity - two people with operator
Minimum height: 110cm
Size: 7m x 5m x 8m

Starting from $990.00

Laughing Clowns

Capacity - 10 players with operator
Ages: Whole family Size: 8m x 2.4m

Profit share

Inflatable Basketball Game

Capacity - three players with operator
Ages: five years to adults
Size: 4m x 3.5 x 5m

Starting from $550.00

Fairy Floss Machine

Capacity - serves 500
without operator: $187.00
Extra sugar & sticks for 500:

Starting from $88.00

Admit One Tickets

Rolls of 1,000


Starting from $12.00

Wrist Bands

Minimum order 100

Starting from $0.25 each

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