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The best carnival rides in Victoria

For top-quality amusement rides for school fetes, fairs or carnivals, look no further than Ashley’s Kids Rides in Victoria.

As a family-owned and operated business, we specialise in the very best family rides and amusements, with everything from inflatable giant slides, to Lazer Tag, an inflatable rock wall and a full-on activity centre. We also supply more daring rides for older users, including the ever-popular Ferris Wheel, the Space Roller, and our latest thrilling addition, Hard Rock.

With 25 years’ experience in the amusement business, our friendly team take the utmost care at all events and operate all rides to the highest standard of safety. With efficient service and affordable prices, we guarantee a great time will be had by all. 

Samba Balloon Ride
We’ve just purchased this fantastic family ride from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Zamperla Amusement Rides. Voted one of the best family rides in the world, the Samba Balloon Ride has a great capacity of 32 kids or eight adults and 16 kids per ride. The baskets are spun by the riders inside as the ride lifts and spins, for a thrilling experience. If you can't afford a major ride, this is the next best thing. Call us now, as this one will book out fast.
Bungy Trampolines
These are a great attraction at any event, with users attached by a harness to bungee cords and lifted up into the air. You can try somersaults, or jump eight metres in the air – whatever takes your fancy. Bungy Trampolines are suitable for people weighing between 10kg and 95kg.
Safari Run Activity Centre
Our latest inflatable activity centre, this is very popular with schools as a multi-age ride. Safari Run has been designed for ages three to 13 years. It has multi play areas with a slide to finish off.
Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall
Our brand new inflatable rock climbing wall is now available and is a guaranteed great attraction for any event.
Laughing Clowns
This is a classic carnival game that everyone has played over the years. Want something nostalgic for your next event? Well, this is the one for you!
Jurassic Adventure
Our latest inflatable, this ride has a capacity of 15 kids per ride and is very popular.
Titanic Slide
With a covered climbing frame and giant twin slide on either side of the frame, The Titanic is a fantastic crowd pleaser, with a capacity of 15 children at a time. Suitable for children aged five to 15 years.
Cup and Saucer Ride
A ride for the whole family, the Cup and Saucer Ride has six tea cups, which can be spun as fast or slow as you like. Riders must be at least 3 years old, and the ride holds a capacity of up to 24 people. 
Giant Pirates Slide
Our Giant Pirates inflatable slide is a major attraction at any function. It has been very popular at school fetes and festivals, and hold 15 kids at a time. Kids aged between four and 14 will have many hours of fun with this ride. Book early for this one because dates are filling fast.
Our Chair-O-Plane is a real crowd pleaser at all events. This ride suits children from three to 15 years of age, with a capacity of 20 children at a time.
Car Merry-Go-Round
This ride is very popular with the little ones. With a 16-child capacity, our car ride is suitable for children aged from two to 10 years old.
Track Train (Old Western Train)
Very popular with the young ones, mum and dad can enjoy this ride too! With the three carriages, the train holds a capacity of 18 people. 

choose from a 16 or 12-car giant wheel and make this the centre of attention at your event.

still one of the most popular rides for all ages, this ride is a true classic.

one of the most popular extreme thrill rides going, this ride it spins you in the air at 5g forces for a thrilling experience.

the latest thrill ride to join our equipment list, Hard Rock is a very popular ride.

this three-level playground has lots of fun inside. One of the world’s most popular ride, this has huge capacity and massive wow factor.

this is one of the most popular rides with the teenagers.

a great family ride for all to enjoy.

this family classic been around for years, but is still very popular with school fetes and fairs.

Other amusements include
  • Lazer Tag Game
  • Basketball Shootout Game
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Jumping Castles
  • Fairy Floss Machine
  • Snow Cones Machine
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